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    If you are looking for Armel among the one hundred musicians at La Scala, look straight ahead! He is right in front of the conductor. His clear complexion and 1.88 m do not go unnoticed, even sitting! He is especially happy to be there and it shows ! Armel Descotte has a sunny personality, the...
  • Exposition : « Craft Art signatures of territories »
    This is undoubtedly the exhibition not to be missed this month in Paris! Imagine taking a second trip for a trip to the heart of 13 French regions just to discover their know-how. A pleasure of discovery which I could visit in preview for you.
  • In the heart of the Maison Degrenne
    For a passionate of the arts of table, going to discover a cutlery manufacture, it's like a fairy day announced. However, I still hear my entourage saying : "You are going to Vire ??? Vire in Normandy ? Yes...